What You Should Do When a Shipment is Lost

Posted by George Muha on May 1, 2016 7:37:52 AM


Knowing what to do when a shipment gets lost in transit can be a frustrating and tricky thing.  People usually panic because they want to make sure the customer is happy.  However, that's when a lot of mistakes can happen.  What can be an easily solved mistake can turn into a comedy of errors.  

To help simplify this process, I thought I'd share with you what KDL recommends to customers when it comes to dealing with lost freight.  


1.) Provide carrier with detailed description of the product

  • Handling Units
  • Dimensions
  • Color
  • Labeling Information

2.) Request that the carrier sends out an All Points Bulletin (APB)

  • This is an internal notification to all terminals
  • Carrier will relay description provided by the customer and request a dock sweep

3.) Obtain contact information for the carrier’s Overages, Shortages, and Damages (OS&D) department

  • Recommend daily communication
  • This is the quickest way to get updates and provide any answers to carrier questions


1.) If this is a custom product 

  • Do not authorize manufacturing of the replacement
  • Do not authorize shipping of the replacement
  • All information must be communicated to the carrier and provide them with reasonable timeline to locate the missing product.
  • Carrier is not responsible for material costs of missing shipment if shipper sends out a replacement and the original is located at a later date.

2.) If this is a stock product

  • Shipper may send out the replacement but must use the same carrier that was used on the original missing shipment.
  • Notify carrier in writing that a replacement is being sent out and request to have the original items returned on a free astray pro once located.
  • Claim cannot be filed for material costs. Request can only be submitted to have the original freight charges removed.

As you know, business just like life, is not perfect.  Things happen.  Being prepared for when they do can lessen or even remove a crisis situation.  Perhaps you might want to incorporate this as your own standard operating procedure in case a freight carrier happens to lose a shipment one day. 

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