Should You Hire KDL for Freight Management or Do It Yourself?

Posted by George Muha on Feb 13, 2017 10:56:25 AM

When considering partnering with KDL to assist them with the management of their logistics operation, most companies face two questions.  Do they hire KDL or do they do it themselves.  Coming up with the answer to this question is easier than they think.

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Topics: freight savings, KDL Logisitcs, the best 3rd part logistics company

10 Very Compelling Reasons to Outsource Logistics in 2017

Posted by George Muha on Feb 6, 2017 11:13:51 AM

Due to the nature of our sales cycle at KDL, our sales team spends the bulk of their time teaching and educating prospective clients about the logistics industry and answering a lot of questions.  Much like payroll, human resources and IT, there are a lot of nuances and regulatory considerations in shipping that many companies just don't have the in-house skill set or the right technologies in place to stay ahead of the curve.  

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Topics: outsourcing logistics, the best 3rd part logistics company, KDL Freight Management

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