10 Reasons Your Company Must Outsource Freight Bill Reconcilation

Posted by George Muha on Jan 5, 2016 12:19:08 PM

I have the vantage point of helping companies identify the areas where they can either get better at or outsource to a more qualified service provider. One of the areas that every company should outsource is freight bill reconciliation. To help you understand why your company NEEDS to outsource this area of your business, I've put together ten fact based reasons.

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Topics: Freight audit & pay, freight bill reconcilation

10 Reasons Why Your Company Should Outsource Freight Bill Processinng

Posted by George Muha on Nov 23, 2015 1:46:36 PM

Everyone has things they are good at and things they are not so good at. Companies are the same way. They are usually great at their core offering. But there are parts of their company that they simply stink at.  Processing, auditing and reconciling freight invoices is one that I often people admit their success at this is less than to be desired.

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Topics: Freight audit & pay

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