The Astounding Amount of Time/Money YOUR Company is Wasting Calling for Freight Pickups

Posted by George Muha on May 8, 2017 2:52:02 PM

What if I told you you are paying good money to your employees to stand with a phone up to their ear on hold for hours-upon-hours a day?  I'd imagine you'd be upset, right?  Well, guess what?   If your company regularly ships product with freight companies you are spending your hard earned revenue dollars on just that...for your employees to wait on hold.  

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Topics: Cost Reduction, freight tendering, Automatic Freight Scheduling

5 Steps to Take Total Control of Your Inbound Logistics Costs (Part 1)

Posted by George Muha on Jul 26, 2016 2:33:42 PM

Without a doubt the hottest topic I've discussed with shippers over my past 18 years in the transportation space is the lack of control people feel they have within their inbound logistics operation.  Many people seem to think they are getting scammed by costly prepaid and add programs or played a fool by vendor's "free freight" program.  And they have good reason to feel that way because it's been my experience that many times they are.  

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Topics: freight savings, prepay & add, Cost Reduction

8 Simply Ways to Reduce Costs in Your Supply Chain

Posted by George Muha on Feb 12, 2016 4:47:40 PM

IIn the midst of the Great Recession, employees were tasked with wearing multiple hats in order to keep their businesses afloat. During the hubbub of receiving orders, dealing with customer problems and getting product out the door, a lot of simple tasks got rushed and corners invariably got cut. As a result, mistakes piled up and far fangled patches were used to fix already broken processesall at the expense of the company’s bottom line.

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Topics: freight savings, Cost Reduction, Streamline Processes

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