The Astounding Amount of Time/Money YOUR Company is Wasting Calling for Freight Pickups

Posted by George Muha on May 8, 2017 2:52:02 PM


What if I told you you are paying good money to your employees to stand with a phone up to their ear on hold for hours-upon-hours a day?  I'd imagine you'd be upset, right?  Well, guess what?   If your company regularly ships product with freight companies you are spending your hard earned revenue dollars on just that...for your employees to wait on hold.  

The Tendering Time Suck

A lot of companies don't realize how much time people are actually spending waiting on hold to schedule freight carrier pickups...but it is a lot.  As I wrote this article I tested it out.  I set a stopwatch to time how long it took from when I picked up the phone and dialed to when someone actually got on the phone to let me know they were sending a truck.  Eleven minutes and change.  Eleven minutes and I didn't even get a confirmation number.  Just a, "I got you covered" and an abrupt hangup. 

Let's say you pay a fully loaded logistics person $25.00 an hour.  Your company just wasted $4.58 to book one shipment.  Let's say your company ships 50 shipments a day.  That's $229.00 a day in wasted time!  Add that to five business days a week and that's $59,540 in dollars spent annually on scheduling freight carrier pickups.  Feeling good about yourself yet?

Stop the Madness and Save Money

Luckily you happen to be friends with KDL so you can keep that $59,540 and allow your employees to do more value producing activities for your company.  That would be much more fulfilling for them than sitting on hold all day anyways.

Get A Confirmation Number

One feature of KDL's shipping tool helps with this exact process.   KDL automates the entire process of tendering shipments to carriers and providing more accountability across the board.  Through a click of a button, shipping personnel can instantaneously tender/schedule a pickup AND give you a confirmation number for your reference.  No need to store the confirmation number either as KDL automatically does that too.  This provides much more control over this process than having a dispatcher say, "I got it!"  

Tendered Confirmation.jpg

Automatically Cancel Shipments  

Oh wait, that order you just tendered needs to be on hold until you receive payment from your customer?  No sweat!  As simply as you scheduled the shipment, you cancel it too.  

Things are evolving out there very fast.  You need to stay ahead of your competitors in every way you can.  Stop wasting time and money scheduling pickups and reach out to KDL to find all the ways KDL can help your logistics operation be as efficient as possible.

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